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Large castings… large gears…

FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries, LLC, represents and has full access to the manufacturing and engineering capabilities of the following internationally renowned companies of Groupe CIF:


FERRY-CAPITAIN S.A.S. (Joinville, France)
Medium capacity iron and steel foundry, with fully integrated finish-machining capability. Ductile and gray iron castings to 75 metric tons unit weights; alloy steel castings to 35 metric tons unit weight (12-25 metric tons in stainless); AOD converter. Heat treatment. CNC turning, milling, drilling and gear cutting, to maximum Ø14m. Full on-site metallurgical laboratory facility; full NDT capability. Open gearing design engineering and field service.  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified.

CMD Engrenages & Reducteurs S.A. (Cambrai, France)
Custom design and manufacture of mechanical power transmission products for low-speed, high-torque applications. Parallel-shaft and right-angle-shaft gear reducers; central, vertical and lateral mill drives; high-capacity gear and grid couplings; worm gearing. Complete design engineering services, including FEA analysis. Full enclosed gear manufacturing capability, including gear grinding to Ø4.5m. On site CMM with capacity of 5m x 14m x 3m (70 metric tons). Field service for open and enclosed gear drives.  ISO 9001 certified.

FAD – Fonderie et Acierie de Denain S.A.S. (Denain, France)
Large capacity steel and iron foundry, with integrated rough-/finish-machining capability. Ductile and gray iron castings to 120 metric tons unit weights; alloy steel castings to 75 metric tons unit weight. Electric arc furnace and refining ladle. Heat treatment. Turning, milling and drilling to Ø16m.  ISO 9001 certified.

FCMD G.m.b.H. (Hattingen, Germany)
High capacity finish-machining facility. CNC turning, milling, drilling and open gear cutting. Capacity to Ø16.5m, 350 metric tons unit weight. Integrated reducer repair/refurbishment facility.  ISO 9001 certified.

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