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Large iron & steel castings

Large castings… The definition varies greatly depending upon the end-user and the application.

A truck transmission manufacturer may consider a large casting to be a 100-kg torque converter housing, whereas a steel rolling mill constructor may define “large” as being a 300-ton frame casting.

With access to some of the best casting facilities and expertise in Europe, FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries LLC is able to service a broad spectrum of custom casting needs, from 1000 kg to 100⁺metric tons unit weight, produced from wide range of ferrous materials, including ductile iron, carbon and low alloy steels, and stainless steels.

Working from customer-supplied design drawings, patterns are produced from reinforced polystyrene (single use) or wood (multiple use), and green sand molds are prepared in small flasks or large floor pits to suit the size of part and optimize the metal-to-sand ratio. Using an array of melting (induction and arc furnaces) and metal refining (AOD converter) means to produce a given material, molten metal is then poured into the net shape molds. Once the rough castings are sufficiently cooled, they are removed from the mold, cleaned, upgraded and heat treated (as may be required). Castings undergo complete metallurgical (chemical composition, mechanical properties) and non-destructive testing (ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, radiography) in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications, to ensure soundness and serviceability.

Castings are typically supplied finish-machined, and painted, surface-protected, and packed for all types of export shipment.

A summary of the main cast ferrous material grades and maximum finished part weights (*) that may be supplied is as follows:

Ductile iron castings
  • In accordance with specification ASTM A536, or European Standard EN 1563 (EN-GJS- grades)
  • Maximum finished weight of 100 metric tons
Steel castings
  • Carbon steel castings in accordance with ASTM A27, or European equivalent
  • Low alloy steel castings in accordance with ASTM A148, or European equivalent
  • Maximum finished weight of 75 metric tons
Stainless steel castings
  • Maximum finished weights from 12 to 25 metric tons (depending upon carbon content)
Other material grades include gray iron (100 metric tons), Ni-Resist and Ni-Hard irons (20 metric tons), refractory and duplex steel (20-25 metric tons).

(*) Maximum finished part weights are for single castings. In some cases, parts are composed of multiple casting segments (e.g., mill heads, girth gears), such that the final assembled weight may be in the range of 200-300 metric tons.
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