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Established in 1997,
FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries LLC provides
focused sales support
and representation for the companies of Groupe CIF


Established in 1997, FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries LLC provides focused sales support and representation to the companies of Groupe CIF and related European manufacturers of cast components and mechanical power transmission solutions to a North American customer base.

With full access to the capabilities of internationally recognized and industry leading manufacturers such as FERRY-CAPITAIN and CMD, we are able to satisfy supply requirements for many types of large custom castings, along with providing mechanical drive train solutions, including complete design and manufacturing services, for many low-speed/high-torque process applications.

From a casting perspective, we are able offer a full range of both iron (ductile, gray) and steel (carbon, alloy, stainless) castings for the most demanding industrial applications. In addition, extensive large dimension finish-machining capabilities enhance our ability to supply a complete cast component service, from pattern-making through to export packing and shipment.

From a mechanical power transmission perspective, we are able to offer optimized packages (girth gears, drive pinions, couplings, speed reducers) for all types of rotating process equipment such as kilns and grinding mills, and other custom applications.

We serve many industrial markets, including: mining and mineral processing, cement and pyro processing, power generation, steel, offshore and wind energy, sugar, pulp & paper, and civil engineering works.

Whether a customer is looking to convert a steel fabricated assembly to an integral casting, to source cast components for new process equipment designs, to re-source complex castings for an existing requirement, or to procure new or replacement gearing components for a mechanical drive train, FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries LLC is available to offer its assistance in providing a solution to your custom supply needs.

November 1, 2013

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